Ways to gift with Us

No Minimum Quantity

Shop our collection of on-demand gifts and send an appreciation package today.

One less thing to worry about!

15+ Gifts

A curated selection of pre-designed gifts to save time and speed up the project timeline.

Timeline: 2-3 Weeks

Large Scale

Looking for a full design experience from packing options to products, then Full Gifting Customization is for you.

Timeline: 3 - 5 Weeks

In a nut Shell

Here is what our team can do for your large scale project!


Design & Deploy a Strategy

That aligns with your objectives, values and capabilities.


Source & Logistics

Not only do we manage the entire logistics we are always looking to support artisans and share unique products.


Customer Experience

From design to fulfillment we are always available to provide support to the recipient.


Solution & ROI

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Why hire a full-service gifting company?


Time Savings

We save clients thousands of dollars and valuable time by handling their entire gifting project.


Logistics & Management

We are here to take the entire process out of your to-do list and into ours. Consider us an extension to your team.


Branding Capabilities

We are constantly looking for new ways to add a special touch to every gift box and make the experience even more unique for all involved.

Curated Gift Boxes Never Looked So Good!

We are obsessed with finished and how products interact together, but even more excited to pair notable brands with artisan-made products. It's the ultimate shopping Nordstrom and Farmer's Market experience that benefits all. 

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