Clear Jar Artisan Candle

Our brandless handmade candles are perfect for gifts, events, or favors. Select a quantity and scent for a tiered discount. Scent details below.


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Who doesn’t love an artisan candle? Our handmade candles are perfect for gifts, events, or favors. Buy in bulk, have us drop ship to each recipient in your campaign, ship in bulk to you, or house in our warehouse until you need it. Pick from our true and tested scents or request a sample pack before ordering here.

>> Scents

Cotton House: Top: Honeydew Melon, Green Leaves | Middle: Lavender |Base: Amber, Cypress

Lavender: Top: Bergamot | Middle: Lavender |Base: Powder, Cedar

Midnight Dust: Top: Marine, Camphor | Middle: Bamboo |Base: Dark Musk, Vetiver

Sunday Brunch: Top: Orange Peel | Middle: Tangerine, Agave, Citrus | Base: Sugar, Peach


Sweet Freesia: Top: Ozone | Middle: Jasmine, Geranium, Fig | Base: Freesia Saffron, Patchouli, Wood

Alpine Balsam: Top: Champagne, Bergamot | Middle: Balsam, Cedar |Base: Moss, Patchouli

White Apricot: Top: Pear, Jasmine | Middle: Apricot | Base: Patchouli, Vetiver, Vanilla


Rosemary + Sage: Top: Eucalyptus, Pine | Middle: Rosemary, Green Floral | Base: Sage, Cedar

>> Candle Details

Wax Fill: 7.5 oz | Burn Time: 50 – 60 Hours

Made of: 100% Soy Wax, Cotton Wick & Certified Clean Scents.

Handmade in our studio in Greenville,  SC.

Got any questions, or need more information on larger orders reach out to our team

What is included in this order?
  • Candle
  • Lid
  • Scented Wax
  • Warning Label ( at the bottom of the jar)
What is NOT included?
  • Front label

If you want to add a label to this candle check out our candle labels under packaging options and add-ons. Or reach out to our team for more details at